Vision & Mission


  1. To provide a unique learning experience which will enable the students to realize their potential and mould their overall personality.
  2. To make available equal opportunities and ensure support without prejudice for gender, class, caste, religion and economic status.
  3. To ensure recognition as an international leader in holistic education to achieve global competency in corporate and social world.
  4. To go beyond the recognized frontiers of social equity and justice and provide pioneering leadership action in bringing together the illiterate and the ignorant towards education to transform human population into a human resource.
  5. To make available globally competitive education infrastructure compatible to the changing challenges of India’s nation-building processes.


  1. To strengthen the weaker sections of Chhattisgarh state through higher education.
  2. To empower the illiterate, ignorant, uneducated masses by educating them and by creating in them the social, political and cultural awareness.
  3. To give them confidence that they are the creators and not the creatures of their fate.
  4. To make them think that knowledge alone can help them in creating their futures.