Rules & Regulation

Expectation from Student

  1. Principal has exclusive rights to expel a student from college due to one or more reasons as below:

  2. If progress in the class is not satisfactory.

  3. If the behavior of the student is objectionable

  4. Principal reserves the exclusive right to cancel the admission.

  5. If any information be concealed or not provided by a Student in any application form, then the admission of such a student will be canceled.

Student Discipline Charter
Expectation from Student

  1. All students are supposed to concentrate fully on their studies and should participate in all the programs organized by the college.
  2. Every student shall take interest in proper arrangement, security and cleanliness of college buildings, laboratories, and library and they shall help in all these activities. They will not participate in activities against this norms either directly or indirectly.
  3. The student shall participate in all examinations conducted by college. They will not be absent in the class or exam without permission of Principal.
  4. Every student should behave politely with his colleagues or teachers and shall never behave awkwardly.
  5. Students are expected to follow “Simple Living, High Thinking” principal.
  6. Therefore particularly within the boundary of college intake of any prohibited commodity is strictly ruled out .The students are expected to follow simple dress code.
  7. If a student faces any problem then he/ she will submit an application before his/ her teacher or principal as per pre decided procedure.
  8. In no case the student shall adopt the way of violence and strike to solve any problem.
  9. No student shall take part in active politics or shall he/ she seek help from political parties or news papers regarding their problems.
  10. No use unfair means in examinations and / or to trying to seek undue advantage in examinations will be considered a serious offence.
  11. Every student should work hard to enhance name and fame of college.
  12. If anybody does violation of these norms, then we should help them to punish, so that the main purpose of college i.e. teaching is not affected.
  13. Every student should take precautions so that he / she is not charged with immoral activities. However, if this happens, then he/ she will be expelled from the college.

Raging is Punishable offence

As per the directives of Honorable Supreme Court raging in College / Universities is punishable offence. Senior students must note the following:

F.I.R. shall be lodged immediately against student as complaint of raging received against him / her.

Student shall be immediately expelled from the college if a complaint of raging is received against that student.

Any student found guilty of raging shall not be admitted in the college.

As per the Chhattisgarh University ordinance 1973 serial 7 section 13, Principal is capable of taking disciplinary action against students violating regulations of college. For indiscipline, in the above ordinance, provision for following punishment is made.



Debar from University exam.

As per Chhattisgarh University ordinance 1973 section 7, 75% attendance is compulsory for entrance in university exam. This rule has to be observed very strictly.