Master In Commerce


  1. Faculty profile, adequacy and competency of faculty
    Faculty profile and adequacy competency of faculty details are attached. There are six teachers got Ph.D. with M. Phil. degrees and three teachers have had Ph. D. degree. Two teachers have already submitted their thesis for the award of Ph. D. degree. Overall 8 teachers of our department have Ph. D degree. Two other teachers have passed in Ph. D. written test and they are going to be registered for Ph. D. More than 70% teachers have had more than 15 years experience of teaching. The teachers are competent to teach B. Com., M. Com., and B. B. A. classes.

  2. Changes made in the courses or programs during the past five years and the contribution of the faculty to those changes
    As per University rules

  3. Trend in the success rate and drop out rate of student during the last five years
    Aggregate success rate – 90%
    Aggregate dropout rate – Nil

  4. Learning resources of the department like library, computers, laboratories and other such resources.
    Learning resources
    Our department has well established library containing more then 1000 Books and we have P.C. set and a Laptop Computer set having Internet connectivity. We have L. C. D. Projector also to demonstrate the lessons to the students.

  5. Enhancement of the learning resources during the last five years
    The department adopts different skills for up gradation and we are going to set an “e learning” centre and we have adopted different learning skill like presentation, Group discussion etc

  6. Modern teaching methods in practice other then the lecture method
    Modern Teaching Techniques
    We adopted these Techniques
    1. Lectures through PPT Presentation
    2. Open discussion regarding Topic
    3. Practical approach like the observation of real cash book journals etc.
    4. Explanation through net classes
    5. Showing video clips etc.

  7. Participation of teachers in academic and personal counseling of student
    Participation of teachers in academic and personal counseling. The teaching staff takes active participation in counseling. The individual counseling is conducted.

  8. Details of faculty development programs and teachers who benefited during the past five years
    The University and the college organize the faculty development programs. Orientation course, refresher courses and workshops and seminars are conducted for the up gradation of the faculty.

  9. Participation of teachers in academic activities other then teaching and research
    Participation of teachers in academic activities other then teaching and research. The teachers use to involve in different activities like admission process, conduction of exams, purchasing articles cultural activities.

  10. Collaboration with other departments and institution at the national and international level and their outcome during the past five years
    Collaboration with other departments. The department has collaboration for study, teaching and guidance from different departments.

  11. Publication of the faculty, for the past five years. Details regarding citation index and impact factor







    Research Paper




    Training Programme


    One Refresher Course attended by Dr. R. P. Agrawal at Rani Durgavati University, Jabalpur in 2006
    One Orientation Program attended by Dr. Saleem Aquil at Pt. R. S. S. University, Raipur in 2009 -10 sessions

  12. Participation of the department in the extension activities of the college.
    The permanent faculty members are involved in different activities.

    1. Dr. A. R. Verma
    Member of IQAC, Purchase committee apex body, chairman of Board of Studies

    2. Dr. B. P. Agrawal
    Member of Board of studies, representative of governing body, In-charge of P.G. library.

    3. Dr N. S. Baghel
    Member of Board of studies

    4. Dr. R. P. Agrawal
    In-charge - Academy of management studies
    In-charge - Department of Journalism District Organizes- NSS
    Coordinators - Kalyan Rog Nidan Kendra

    5. Dr. P. S. Sharma
    In-charge of Sports and Gym
    Member of library committee
    Member of discipline committee

    6. Dr. Saleem Aquil
    In-charge of placement department

    7. Harish Kashyap
    In-charge of Commerce council

  13. Method of continuous student assessment
    Through Test, Model examination Viva etc.

  14. Placement of the records of the passed students and contribution of the department to the students placement
    Placement records and the contribution of department. During last five years the placement department of the college has played an important role, Even though the recession period had been affecting the job placement but the department has organized different seminars workshops and placement interview sessions. During last five years near about 50 students got placements.

  15. Significant achievements of the department or faculty or students during past five years
    Significant achievements
    1. Commerce department has organized two national level U. G. C. Sponsored seminars during the last five years.
    2. 20 students of the department have played for the University.

  16. Involvement of students in academic / Co-curricular and other activities of the department.
    Students are involved in different cultural, NSS, NCC and Sports activities.

  17. Innovation and best practices initiated / adopted by the departments during last five years.
    The department has adopted best practices like Seminars, Workshops, Practical teaching and the department is going to start blog for further development.

  18. Development and expansion plans of the department for the next five years
    Development and expansion plans of the department. The strength of the students of the commerce classes has been increasing gradually every year so that sections of all classes are also increasing. Our department gives successful result so the students take interest to get admission in our college. We establish e learning and language lab and we are going to start M. Phil commerce program.