Purpose of The Display

Due to competition spirit they study the different papers, magazines & periodical and collect effective , useful and purposeful information .
To make it more effective suddenly any teacher on any day will ask about the articles from the pupils to check whether they are going through those article or not.

In this way the pupil teacher are motivated to take active part in reading .

There are 180 teacher-trainees in this institution . All these "Teacher trainees" are divided in to 60 groups . Each group contains three "Teacher-trainees" . Each group is allotted a topic from their curriculum . Every group has to prepare the matter on the topic and has to prepare Transparencies for presentation. On the day of presentation the group of three students has to present the matter with the help of Over-Head -Projector.
In the same way the post graduate students have to give Seminar on the given topic.

1) As they are the future teacher, it has become necessary for them to know how to handle the O.H.P. and what precautions have to be taken during presentations.
2) During preparation they consult different no. of books which can develop reading habit in them .
3) In this way they can have a detailed knowledge about that particular topic
assigned to them.
4) This activity helps in removing nervousness in the "Teacher-trainees".
A list of topics for B.Ed. & M.Ed. students are enclosed herewith . This activity is continued since 2001-2002.

Co-Curricular Activities
Under the co-curricular activities all the student's names are arranged alphabetically and is divided into 9 groups of 20 each . Each group is allotted a cultural programme by lottery method . The group has to organise, conduct and participate in the programme on every Saturday known as "Saturday's Activity" . Each group has to a programme for their group . Two judges from the faculty members will be assigned the work of judgment . The best two programmes will be given prizes . After the Cultural Programme get -to - gether is organised by the group . In this get-to-gether the teacher-educators & teacher- trainees take refreshment together.

The following are the purpose for which the activity was started in 1974:

(1) It helps in developing the confidence in them to face the audience.
(2) It develops an aesthetic sense about organising the activity.
(3) It develops in them about punctuality as the programme has to start in time whether the guest or chief guest have arrive.
(4) The stage motivates the trainees to develop the talents which are present in them . A list of cultural programme organised by the groups are enclosed here with.

Extension Lecture
The evaluation proforma presents a clear picture of the teacher-educator about their dedication and interest in teaching . Those teachers who do not achieve better marks by the teacher-trainees on that topic another faculty member will deliver an extension lecture so that each and every teacher - trainees are benefitted . Secondly the extension lecture will also increases the knowledge of that teacher-educator who fails to achieve better grade from the teacher-trainees. Thirdly the teacher will also be able to know about his / her grading on that particular topic which can make him / her to improve in teaching .

Teacher Assessment
For the assessment of teacher's teaching performance , a proforma has been developed by the Department of Education, Kalyan Mahavidyalaya Bhilai Nagar in the year 1999.

This proforma contains 10 items and is prepared on 5 point rating scale . This teachers evaluation proforma is given to the teacher - trainees of the Education Department 5 mts before the schedule of the class with full instruction . In this proforma student have not to write their name , so that they can give their opinion freely and independently . In these circumstances the opinion obtained will be a reliable one.

After the administration of the evaluation proforma, the proforma is collected immediately. Similarly it is employed in all section for all teachers . The collected opinions are calculated topic wise & teacher wise to know the performance of teaching and knowledge updating of the teacher .
If a teacher has not get satisfactory remark / score by the student , a feed -back is provided to the concerned teacher for improvement . For improvement an extension lecture has to be given by the teacher or department will organise a guest lecture on the that topic to update the teacher as well as they teacher - trainees .

In this activity the teacher- trainees are divided in to small groups of 5 to 10 teacher-trainees on the basis of their teaching methodology subject. They were provided with the knowledge of microteaching technique . They are asked to prepare a mini lesson plan and teach in the class of peer groups . The teacher as well as pupil - teacher will observe his teaching and will provide a feed back about his teaching. After feed back he has to replan , reteach and again feedback is given for improvement in teaching process . In this way practice are being done by pupil - teacher to improve all the seven very important skills viz. Blackboard Skill ,Set Induction Skill ,Introduction Skill ,Closure Skill ,Explanation Skill etc.

A copy of micro teaching is provided to each and every teacher-trainees which acts as a pass book for thier achievements .
1) It makes the teacher - trainees to know about the skills .
2) It makes them to know about their draw back in teaching .
3) Through micro teaching the teacher - trainees try to improve the skills on which he practices.

Community Camp
The faculty of Education first gives the knowledge to their teacher - trainees about health , hygiene , cleanliness teaching and general information about diseases . An interior village is selected for community work . Then all the teacher - trainees go by bus to the village. They collect the information door to door as per the Survey proforma prepared by faculty of education. Simultaneously they give instructions and knowledge about the health , hygiene and cleanliness. One group is assigned to give knowledge about cleanliness , health , and hygiene and school subject to school children. Another group is assigned to aware about new techniques of teaching to teachers of that school.

The survey form is collected and a cumulative information is prepared.

1) It makes the teacher -trainees to know about the village life and working .
2) It develops a Social Service ability in them .
3) It develops brotherhood in them .

Compulsory Computer Training Programme
The department is having five sections. Each section is subdivided into two. Each sub section have to prepare slides on PowerPoint and the have to present it. ( A list of topics is enclosed herewith)

This is the only institution in Chhattisgarh & Madhya Pradesh which has made the Computer education compulsory for each and every student of the faculty. This is because that they can fulfill the needs of the schools as computer has because as computer has become an important subject of the day.

Our Computer lab is equipped with 11 systems, 7 UPS, two Printers and one Scanner besides the speakers which are attached to each systems. Every System is having internet facility. Each student is being trained to access internet by which they know the utility of the net.

On the other the faculty members are to motivated to use new techniques by Computer device.