Department Of Bio-Chemistry
Departments Of Bio-Chemistry

About the Department: The department has been established in the year 2006-07 current year (2008-09) is the 3rd year of this department with B.Sc Final Year.

Aim & Objective: The aim of this department is to produce the chemists with the knowledge of bio-chemistry like pathological tests, bio-clinical tests etc.

Department Publication: More than 40 research papers has been published in the international and national esteemed journals and  presented in the international & national conferences.

Facilities: There are good laboratory facilities with the equipments and chemicals available. the test books and reference books are available in the department.


H.O.D. of DepartmentProf. D . N. Sharma


: M Sc, M. Phil



The undergraduate course in the department of Biochemistry started in July 01, 2006. There are well-equipped laboratories as per curriculum in the department which include Instrumental lab. There is departmental library having specific books which are assessed by the students throughout the session. The department has Computer, Laptop and LCD Projector and internet connectivity which are used in teaching learning process.

This department prepares the undergraduate student for Seminar presentation. Every student is required to speak in Departmental Seminar.