Departments Of Chemistry


Books in the Departmental Library -
Apart from the books available in Central Library, this department has a library exclusively for PG and Research students. There are 1582 books in this library. List of Books is attached (Annexure-1). – Give pdf download if necessary

Voice Over Internet Protocol Facility (VOIP) -
The Department has VOIP facility and Internet Facility for teachers and researchers, through which downloading of research documents/text of research papers and Reference Books is easy and it has connectivity to reputed Universities and Research Institutions.

Equipments - 68 no. of equipments are present.
List of Equipments is attached (Annexure-2) Give pdf download if necessary.

FTIR and UV-VIS Spectra Photometers and Water Analyzers are the Hi-Tech instruments.

Built up Area -
This Department has 8000 sq. feet built up area for UG, PG and Research laboratories, PG Library and Staff rooms.

National Symposium -
This department has organized a National Symposium on Fundamental and Analytical Aspects of Self-organising Systems (8-10 March’07) with support from DST and CSIR.

National Seminar -
This department has organized a National Seminar on Emerging Trends in Chemical Sciences  (18-19 Nov’11) with support of UGC(CPE) New Delhi and CGCOST Raipur.