Department Of Electronics And IT
About Department

Curricular Aspects
Diverse cultural influences which characterize Bhilainagar where people from different parts of India reside in great harmony, department will rail in its responsibility to safely learning teaching-learning attitudes unless some job-oriented courses are established. Following are the job-oriented courses being run by the department:

  1. B.Sc. (Maths, Phy , Electronics)
  2. B.Sc. (Maths, Phy, EEM)
  3. B.Sc. (Maths ,Phy, Comp AppI.)
  4. M.Sc. (EEM with specialization in Comp. AppI.)
  5. Post Graduate Diploma in I.T.
  6. Diploma in Computer Applications.

These courses are run under self-financing scheme and the last three has been launched under autonomous status. However, in an undocumented survey by the department, it has been indicated that these courses have strengthened the society by imparting meaningful education to the young minds and therefore, they are very popular.

Teaching-learning and evaluation
The world in which we live is in dire need of education that transcends the narrow, constricted world of a result-based training/education, which accord equal, if not greater, importance to the pastoral ethical aspects of the teaching-learning experience. Teaching new generation is a serious business, particularly when you have to develop learning trends coupled with effective methods of evaluation. Department encompasses both the traditional methods of teaching viz. chalk and duster method and classroom teaching, as well as some innovative methods of teaching have also been adopted. Amongst these are included are the use of audiovisual equipments like. OHPs, arranging Free Discussion Sessions on different topics, encouraging undergraduates to participate in research and arranging quiz competitions. Science students are encouraged to take up small project and develop the prototype of the experiments by themselves. They are provided with on-the- Job Training also. They are often allowed to go on educational tours. The evaluation is done on day-to-day performance of the students, as well as by using traditional methods of evaluation viz. half yearly and pre-annual exams. Every effort is made to assess the development in the integrated personality of the students by judging whether the students exude an aura of confidence, speak lucidly and love challenging situations. They are taught to emerge winners in conflicting situations. Although no established methods are being practiced at present to evaluate these qualities in the students in our department, and more often than not, the teacher has to arrive at the conclusion intuitively, it is found that in most of the cases, the evaluation done by the teachers is correct.

Research, Consultancy and Extension
Research is being pursued in diverse fields of electronics, computer science and information technology as indicated in 17 (page3). The department being comparatively new, the outcome of research have just started flowing out in the form of publications. The schools in the nearby area are being advised to solve their problems in areas related to the fields of expertise of the faculty of the department. One of the research, Dr.V.K.Mohabey writes articles in popular science to help people grow scientific thinking thus extending teaching beyond the boundaries of Institution and developing an interface with the society. Department publishes a news letter INTERFACE exclusively for the students of the department.

Infrastructure and learning resources
Department has several laboratories equipped with latest equipments and instruments as follows.

  1. Analog and Digital Electronic Lab
  2. Microprocessor and Communication Lab
  3. Instrumentation Center and Electronic Workshop
  4. Central Computer Lab. A part from this, there is one Departmental Library. Many magazines and periodicals are being purchased to keep abreast with latest development. These infrastructural facilities is turn become the learning resources.

Student support and progression
The teachers in our department are not merely, they create INDIVIDUALS! The teachers have great responsibilities, because they would the future. Hence they need to anticipate the demands of the future. Our department is a unique department, where we provide innovative curriculum and curriculum and creative methodology in teaching tools for student development and their skill enhancements. Intense practical training and unique monitoring programme help develop their skills and create individuals.

Master Plan for departmental growth
Department is well established for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. However, this alone is not sufficient. Hence the need for further development. We have chalked out the following plan.

  1. Development of research facility in co-ordination with DST.
  2. Developing entrepreneurs by incubation: This is a new set up which we propose to develop in future. There are many who dream of starting and heading large corporate But their dreams more often than not, remain dreams, due to lack of financial resources, lack of confidence and ignorance about other aspects of business management. To learn to negotiated such hurdles which an entrepreneur has to clear in the real business world, a business incubation center, ideally set in an academic environment is a good launch pad for budding entrepreneurs.

  3. Development of a Virtual Reality Lab.
  4. Development of a video studio for producing teaching materials.
  5. To develop an interface with IITs for teaching support.