Department Of Electronics And IT

Apart from the above, since the Department has installed an ISDN line, therefore faculty members and students have access to several on-line journals.

Details of Computing and networking facility :-

  1. Department has computing facility with 20 computers networked in LAN.
  2. Department has acquired ISDN connection to dig and utilize the wealth of Knowledge on INTERNET.
  3. Every department in the college has separate computing facility.
  4. Mathematics Department possesses 15 computers networked in LAN.
  5. Education Department is enriched with 12 computers networked Properly.
  6. Department Of Electronics and Information Technology comprises of state of art Central Computer Lab.
  7. Central library is equipped with computers with library Management Software.

Details Of Facilities in Central Instrumentation Center :-
A division of Department is the KALYAN INSTRUMENTATION CENTER AND ELECTRONICS WORKSHOP For the repair and maintenance of equipment’s and instruments. This is Sponsored by UGC under the scheme Instrumentation Maintenance Facility. It is set up with following objectives in mind:

  1. Servicing, maintenance, repairing and fabrication of equipment’s/instruments/computers.
  2. To arrange on-the-job training for students of the Department.
  3. Development of new instruments using indigenous technology.
  4. Development of new software and their marketing.
  5. To organize workshops, symposia and hands-on training on new aspects of technology and
  6. To provide expert advice for purchase/upgradation of new sophisticated equipment’s as and when needed.

Accordingly, it has following facilities :-

  1. It has all the modern equipment’s for testing and repairing of electronic and electrical equipments.
  2. It is well equipped for testing and repairing of computers and microprocessor- based devices.
  3. It is equipped with audio-visual equipments for providing hands-on training to the students.
  4. It consists of all the facilities for testing and repairing all kinds of laboratory instruments.

Department has several laboratories equipped with latest five years.

  1. Analog and Digital Electronic Lab
  2. Microprocessor and Communication Lab
  3. Instrumentation Center and Electronic Workshop
  4. Central Computer Lab