Department Of Mathematics
Departments Of Maths

About the Department

Mathematics department is one of the important department in the college. It was established in l974. At present both under graduate and Post-graduate courses B.Sc. and M.Sc. in mathematics are running successfully. As the M.Sc (Mathematics) is Autonomous. One additional paper of "computer awareness and its application" is being taught in M.Sc. classes which include latest programming language like C programming, C++ programming, JAVA programming, Visual Basic Programming, Oracle, etc. This is apart from the latest syllabus of mathematics as per the guidelines of U.G.C. We have well-equipped computer lab with internet surfing facility.

The mathematics department is also a research centre since 1991. Four scholars were awarded Ph. D. degree and at present two have submitted their thesis. The areas of research are Astronomy, Cosmology, and Functional Analysis etc.

Aim and Objectives

  1. To provide platform to students to develop their mathematical skill, so that they can go for more advance studies in Mathematics.
  2. The department aims to establish inter disciplinary links with other faculty such as Physics. Astrophysics. Chemistry. Biotechnology. Economics. Management etc. to fulfill their mathematical needs such as computing. Modeling, statistical sampling and distribution etc.