Department Of Mathematics
Departments Of Maths


The mathematics department is providing many facilities for the students of the UG and PG classes, research scholars these facilities are as follows-

  1. A departmental library containing more than 1 800 books on latest topics of mathematics and computer science.

  2. Well equipped computer lab.

  3. Internet facility is also available for the students.


Near about 4 research scholars have been awarded their Ph. 1). degree under the guidance of the member of the department while some research scholars are perusing their doctorate degree in mathematics under the guidance of the member of the department. Many pass out candidates of the department have placed to higher and school education and at main respectable and responsible govt. and private services.

More than 15 candidates of the department including research scholars and P.G. Students have been placed to higher education in different govt. colleges and more than 14 candidates of different B.Sc. and M.Sc. batches have been placed to school education. While man} students placed to Bhilai Steel Plant. Indian Railway. Different Industries. Indian military services and Akashwani centers etc.

Achievement of Mathematics Department during session 2012-2013

  • DR G.K. Goswami HOD has published following research papers in the international journals during the session.
  • A non-singular cosmological model of the universe with shear and rotation.(GRAVITATION & COSMOLOGY(Russian Grav. Society), vol. 17, issue 4 (2011)
  • A cosmological model of thermodynamic open universe International Journal of theoretical Physicsvol.51Issue8(2012)
  • A Bianchi-III Cosmological Model with Imperfect Fluid, Aditi Journal of Mathematical Physics Volume 1 (2012), Issue 1 January, Pages 1-8
  • Magnetized dark energy and the late time acceleration (Accepted for publication in European Physical Journal C).
  • Dr. Goswami is also a reviewer in the international journal of theoretical physics (U.S.) and he has reviewed a paper with manuscript number IJPT-D-13-00056 entitled Lyras Cosmology of Anisotropic LRS Bianchi Type-I String Universes with Electromagnetic Field.
  • The student of pervious (maths) Mr. Vinay Kumar Masiyare got 1st prize of Rs.1000/- in the quiz competition organized during National Seminar on” Rich Heritage of mathematics in India” during 18-19 October 2012 at Govt.V.Y.T.P.G. autonomous college Durg.
  • Mr.Khem Prakash student of Kalyan P.G College Bhilai of pervious (maths) got 2nd prize of Rs.1300/- in the competitive examination conducted in the National workshope on Fuzzy Set and its application during 17-19 January 2013 at J.Y.Chhattisgarh College Raipur.

Important Events

Organized an Advance Level Workshop in 1989 on Recent Development in Mathematics and Physics sponsored by MPCAST. M.P.

Prof. N.G.Ushakov. Head. Tomography Groups. Institute of problem of microelectronics Technology & Superpure materials VSSR Academy of science. Moscow visited our Department in I 989 under Indo-Soviet scientific Exchange program and participated in workshop.