Minor Research Project

S. NO. Name Designation Department Title Duration Amount (Rs)
1 Prof. Y. P. Patel Asst. Professor Physics Investigation on vacuum deposited thin film of SnO2 and their gas sensing chacteristics. 2011 1,45,000
2 Prof. Y. R. Katre Asst. Professor Chemistry Metal catalysed oxidation of some dicarboxylic acids in micellar system. 2009-12 1,10,000
3 Dr. Firoja Jafer Ali Asst. Professor Hindi Chhattisgarhi khavto me nihit loktatav ka adhyayan 2011-14 100,000/-
4 Dr. Pushpalata Sharma Asst. Professor Education Comparative study of the attendance and achievement of children enrolled after attending anganbadi centers and those enrolled directly to schools. 2012-13 250,000/
5 Dr.(Smt) Kavita verma Asst. Professor Education Mental health in relation to Adjustment and Emotional Intelligence of Higher Secondary School Students of Chhattisgarh State 2012-15 1,15,000/-
6 Dr. Ravish Soni Asst. Professor Commerce Rashtriya gramin rojgar yojana Ek sarvekshanatmak adhyayan wa mulyankan (Durg Jile Ke vishal sandharbh me) 2013 1,20,000/
7 Dr. Dinesh Asst. Professor Sociology Bottleneck in Bureaucratic structure of the state Universities in Chhattisgarh 2013 1,40,000/
8 Dr. Manimekhala shukla Asst. Professor Political Science Chhattisgarh main adivasi mahila vidyalayon ki bhumika ka adhyayan avam mulyankan 2013-14 1,50,000/
9 Dr.Y.R.Katre Asst. Professor Chemistry Oxidation of sugars by N-Halo compounds in mice 2013-14 2,80,000/
10 Dr.K.Nagmani Asst. Professor Education Acomparative study of self confidence,adjustment and academic anxieth of scheduled tribe and non-scheduled tribe higher secondary students. 2013-14 1,35,000
11 Dr. G. K. Goswami Asst. Professor Maths Recent astrophysical observation and accelerating universe 2014-17 5,00,000/
12 Dr. Shipra Sinha Asst. Professor Zoology Histopathology & Histochemical studies on the effect of Malathion on various Tissue of fresh water crab Barytelphusa cunicularis 2015-17 500,000 /
13 Dr. Shabana Asst. Professor Education The social cognitive and affective skills of Hgher secondary school students in selected districts of Chhattisgarh 2016-17 5,00,000
14 Dr. Shipra Sinha Asst. Professor Zoology Seasonal variation of some biochemical content in the gonands of freshwater crab Bary telphusa cunicularies(west wood 1836) exposed to malathion. 2016-17 -
14 P.G. Temporary 5 Ku. Kiran Verma P.G. Temporary

Minor Project: ₹ 30,45,000/

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