1. Title of the Practice 


 2. Objectives of the Practice

It is well known that Health is Wealth. The world today is facing new types of diseases. Each day is a new challenge for the physicians and patients to recover health in all respects. In this connection, Nature is our best friend which can really help the ailing people and those who want rapid health recovery. Jawara Ras is well known as Green Blood throughout the world which is consumed for fast health recovery. It is also helpful in maintain good health and strong immune. The objective of this practice is to prevent various diseases through natural therapy.

 3. The Context

The world encounters new types of diseases from time to time. It is not easy to make and maintain good health. There are people who like to take help of natural sources to maintain good health. Jawara Ras is one of these sources and keeping this in view, Jawara Ras and Sprout Centre has been established in the institute.

 4. The Practice

Jawara Ras and Sprout Centre has been established in the institute on 25th July 2007 to prevent various diseases through natural therapy. The aim behind it is to serve the society. Jawara Ras is rightly said to be Green Blood consuming which good health and immune can be maintained. It has now been proved that Jawara Ras contains lots of properties in it. It has Vitamin A, B, C, E, Minerals, Nutrients, Chlorophyll and digestive constituents. All these constituents help to increase the immunity of person. These properties help in prevention and cure of number of diseases and disorder including cardiac diseases and diabetes. 1 Litre of Jawara Ras contains nutrients of 24 Kg of vegetables. Thus keeping in view the benefits of Jawara Ras and sprouted grains, Kalyan P.G. College took initiative to start a centre making available Jawara Ras and sprouted grains to the natives of Bhilai and nearby areas. The cultivation of wheat and other grains for Jawara Ras is done in the area provided by the Kalyan P.G. College which is also created in the campus. After all a healthy mind lives in a healthy body.

 5. Evidence of Success

The Jawara Ras and Sprout Centre has proved to be comprehensively successful. The objective and target of the centre has been largely achieved and evidence may be found in the registered being maintained by the centre. The centre provides service to minimum 20 to 25 people daily and hence have been beneficial and helpful to people to maintain a healthy and fit life style. It is well known that ‘Health is Wealth’, so keeping this view, the centre has been playing significant role in the lives of its beneficiaries. It has proved to be exercisable in other institutes also.

 6. Problems Encountered and Resources Required

The fund of the Centre, sometimes, is not able to cater the need of people. This is a major problem before the Yojna.

 7. Notes (Optional)

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