For the collective welfare of the professors and Employees of kalyan P.G. College. Bhilai ‘Klayan Kosh’ is formed which is a non-government, self financial protection to its members and to inspire and encourage for welfare works. It was established on 1St July 1981  by the then professors and employees. At the time of establishment the principal of the college, all professors under grant and all regular class III and class IV employees were the members of ‘ Kalyan Kosh Scheme’ but under Kalyan Kosh from 1St July 2015 all 27 professors of the college under Statue 28 are also included. Hence at present there are 78 total members of ‘Kalyan Kosh’ out of which 30 are under grant professors, 27 under Statue 28 Professors, 6 Class III and 15 under Statue employees are included.

For the successful conduct of ‘ Kalyan Kosh’ “Kalyan Kosh Niyamavali” ( Constitution) is formed on the basis of which the Kosh is conducted successfully and the time to time amendment and changes ate also made. Recently on 1St July 2015 amendment and changes has been made in the constitution of the general body meeting on 25th Nov.2015. The Kosh is conducted by the monthly contribution of all the members. For this from the professors Rs 250, from III employees Rs 125 and form class IV employees Rs 75 monthly is taken. The entire amount of the Kosh deposited in a Nationalized Bank, Withdrawal deposit and interest etc. Issued are time to time appraised according to the need.

Since the establishment of the ‘ Kalyan Kosh ‘ till now total 55 members (27 professors and 28 employee – members) have got retired to whom approximately an amount of Rs 48-50 lakhs has been finally paid in form of final settlement where as at present the ‘ Kalyan Kosh’ has a fixed deposit of Rs 15 lakh, and for day to day expensed rupees 2 lakh is deposited in the saving account of the Kosh.

There is a provision of providing loan according to the  ‘ Kalyan Kosh Loan Scheme’ to its members at the time of need. Under this loan of Rs 50,000 to the professors, of Rs 15000 to class IV employees is provide. The recovery of which is made through their monthly salary in 30 equal installments . At present an amount of more than 5 lakh Rs has been provided as loan. Under a Special Scheme of Kalyan Kosh “Kalyan Anudan” at the moment of casual death of any member (Professor of employee) an amount of Rs 15000 is provided to the family of the deceased member as financial help. Under this by up to now one professor and one employee has been given benefit of this Scheme.

 According to the constitution of the Kalyan Kosh Principal is the president of the Kosh. For all the works of the Kosh there is a provision nomination or electing a professor under grant as secretary or treasurer. There is an ‘ Advisory committee’ for the decision related to policies of the Kosh, in which one senior professor, one professor under Statue  28 and one employee form class III or class IV is made members . Hence and ‘Advisory Committee’ of five members is always working for the development and expansion of the Kosh. The saving account of the ‘Kalyan Kosh’ is operated by the joint head clerk of the college who represents the class III and class IV employees.                                              


Foundation: 01 July 1981



( Accepted and in effect form 1st  July 2015 and approved  by general body on 5th Nov. 2015)


Sector- 7, Bhilai Nagar

District- DURG (Chhattisgarh)



It will be known as ‘ Kalyan Kosh’ Kalyan P.G. College Bhilai Nager and its office will be in the college. It’s Foundation day will be considered as 1st considered as 1st  July 1981.


The aim of Kalyan Kosh is to provide economical protection to its members and to motivate them for welfare work.


(a)  Principal, Professors ( Appointed under grant 2 Statue 28 ) and all the permanent employees of kalyan P.G. College will be the members of Kalyan Kosh.

(b)  The Retired, Adhoc and par time professors/ Employees cannot be the member of Kalyan Kosh.

(c)   The membership of the members will be till the date of their retirement or till the time they ore permanent employee / professor of the college.


(a)  Fund will be raised by the contribution amount of the members.

(b) Deduction of contribution will be done from their salary.

(c)  Contribution amount will be as follows :-

        (i) Principal and professors – 250/- per month.
(ii) Class III employees – 125/- per month.
(iii) Class IV employees – 75/- per month.


The amount of kalyan kosh will be deposited in a Nationalised Bank and it will be operated by the signature of the post holders, mentioned below :-

(a)  Principal of the Kalyan P.G. College .

(b) An Elected or Nominated Secretary / Treasurer by the professors.

(c)  Head clerk of the college.


(1) For  the management of fund, a managing and executive committee will be formed.

(2) The selection of post holders ( Except president) will be done by the way of nomination or election by the members of the committee.

(3) There will be five post holders in the committee :-

(a)  The Principal will be the president of the managing committee.

(b) Secretary will be  secretary cum Treasurer.

(c)  There will be two professor representatives, in the committee, one from the grant professors and another form the Statue 28 professors.

(d) One representative will be from class III or class IV employees.


(a)  The working tenure of the managing committee will be of 3 Years.

(b) After the approval from general body meeting, tenure of the committee  can be increased.

8. HELP :-

(1) 15,000 rupees will be immediately given as economical help on casual death of any member of the committee in the form of kalyan Anudan by the Kalyan Kosh .

(2)  Except this, any other help will not be allowed to any member.


         (a) Every  member who has completed  minimum 5 Years of regular service      in the college and has paid off his loan  completely earlier taken, would be eligible for the loan from the kalyan kosh .

        (b) After the approval of the managing committee on the basis of the application of the applicant member, loan will be sanctioned according to the following criteria:-

          (i) Rs 50,000/- for professors.

(ii) Rs 25000/- for class III employees.

(iii)Rs 15000/- for class IV employees.


(1) For the repay of the loan issued to the member, amount will be deducted from the next month of the loan provided.

(2) The repay to the loan will be done in 30 equal installments out of which 25 installments will be of the original amount and 5 installments in form of internet.

(3) The repay of the loan can be done before the due time by any member but would have to pay entire amount interest.

(4) The installments for the repay of the loan will be on the following

basis :-

(a)Professor – 2000/- per month.

(b)Class III employee – 1000/- per month.

(c)Class IV employee – 600/- per month.


(a)  If any member gets retired terminated from service, dies or resigns before completing 7 years of membership then be will give double of the amount has contributed.

(b) Professors or employees who have completed more than 7 Years of service will be give amount equal to the amount of their salary of 8 days in a month.

(c)  The calculation of the basic salary (last 3 Years 01 service ) based on 5th pay commission.

(d) The basic salary of the 5th pay commission will be as follows :-

(i)                Professor – 12000-420-18300

(ii)             Lab Technician  – 5000-150-8000

(iii)           Head clerk – 4500-125-7000

(iv)           Class III employee – 4000-100-6000

(v)             Lab Attendant – 3500-80-4700-100-5200

(vi)           Class IV employee – 3050-75-3900-80-4590

12. MEETING :-

(i) The meeting of the managing & executive committee of the kosh will be held in every three months and the general body meeting will be held attest once in a year.

(ii) The Principal would preside the meeting of the general body.

(iii) The quorum of the general body will be one third of the total no of members.

(iv) Any ‘Resolution’ can be passed through a special proposal in the general body meeting.

(v)  It polling is required for any Resolution then polling will be done in a classified polling system.

(vi) Any Amendment in the rules and regulation will be accepted only if polled in the general body meeting .

(vii) Apart from this of any important work is there, then the secretary can call for an executive committee meeting and general body meeting at anytime.


(i) The internal annual audit of the kosh will be presented by the secretary every year in the general body meeting in april on a convenient day.

(ii) It the members are not satisfied with the internal audit report, then external audit can be made alone by an CA Affiliated.


If any dispute arises in any matter of the kosh, then it would be settled by the nominated /elected judges, and the decision of the judges would be final and acceptable.

15. F.D. OF KOSH :-

For the future accretion of the Kosh, investment will be done only in the form of FD. Apart from it for any decision the approval of general body meeting would be compulsory.

16. OTHER :-

In future, if any situation arises compulsive to dissolve the kosh, then total amount of the kosh will be divided among the professors, class  III, class IV employees in the ratio of 10:5:3 respectively on the basis of their work tenure. Apart  from the above mentioned subjects. The right of making other decisions on any other subjects of issues will be in the hands of general body meeting.

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