Objectives of the Practice: - 

(1)        To avail free of cost medical facility for the benefit of the poor local residents around the college including college students, staff and others.

(2)        To provide free of cost medical advice, treatment, medicines etc.

(3)        To encourage use of alternative medicines in place of allopathic medicines in some specific diseases and problems to achieve faster relief and to eradicate the diseases.

The Context: -

The college wishes that the local community, students, staff members should be free from illness and should not be deprived of consultancy and medicine due to lack of money. Students also face financial hardship during their stay in the college. Class-4 staff of the institute and many students of the college belong to the low income group; hence it becomes very difficult for them to get medical consultancy and treatment. Looking to the fact that many people of the poor crust of the society avoid going to consult a doctor in connection to their diseases, ailments and illness and suffer permanently due to illness for want of treatment and medicines, the college formed Kalyan Rog Nidan Awam Anusandhan Kendra. Every day from 5.30 P.M. to 7.00 P.M. this Kendra is open to all in which free of cost medical service are made available to people.

The Practice: -                        

Over the years, through various means of information, the institute experienced and understood that the community residing around the college was not able to look after their health for want of money. The institute felt the need of providing a service free of cost to the people so that they can get rid of their physical illness and disease and can have a healthy life. Initially, when the institute started this practice in the year 1981, physicians from Bhilai Steel Plant, Bhilai used to visit Kalyan Rog Nidan Awam Anusandhan Kendra only once in a week. It was felt that either the number of days or number of visits should be increased. Hence, from 24/09/1996, the physicians started visiting the Kendra twice in a week. This practice is undertaken with the purpose of social service. The medical practitioners, who are working at the center, are all eminent in their respective fields and hence their service is valuable to the Kendra. The people are being benefitted free of cost which is the biggest success of the Kendra. In this way, the college keeps its name ‘Kalyan’.

This center is looked after by prestigious medical practitioners in different sectors of medical services such as gynecology, pediatrics, Neurology, Naturopathy, Acupressure etc. some important medical practitioners’ names are as under: -

Dr. S.K. Tamer            -           Neurologist, Ex-Joint Director, J.L.N. Hospital

                                                Sector-9, Bhilai

Dr. T.K. Pandey          -           General Practitioner, J.L.N. Hospital

                                                Sector-9, Bhilai

Dr. Kirolikar                -           Chest & Lungs Specialist, J.L.N. Hospital

                                                Sector-9, Bhilai

Dr. Ganvir                   -           Pediatrics, J.L.N. Hospital Sector-9, Bhilai

Dr. Sharda                   -           Gynecologist, J.L.N. Hospital Sector-9, Bhilai

Dr. Pramod Namdev   -           Naturopathy, Nehru Nagar, Bhilai

Dr. S.P. Goswami       -           Ayurveda       

The above named physicians attend upon the patients turn by turn among which Dr. S.P. Goswami is the In-charge of this Sewa Kendra. Everyday 25-30 patients are treated and benefitted. Apart from it, Gomutra Salahkar Shri Achaldas Parakh and Dr. Shejekar, Acupressure Specialists have also served the Kendra. Chumbakiya Chititka has also been made available at the center. NCC and NSS camps are organized time to time at different places where the students of the college motivate the local residents to take the benefit of the camp and intimate them about Kalyan Rog Nidan, Anusandhan Kendra so that they can visit the Kendra at the time of their need. In this way, the institute continuously attempts to instill social, cultural and traditional values not only in the students but also in the people who visit the Kendra.

Evidence of Success:-

Serving the mankind has been the principal motive of this practice. Keeping this in view, Kalyan Rog Nidan Awam Anusandhan Kendra has been started. The practice initially targeted at the availability of the specialist physicians and the target has been achieved successfully. A record of the same is being maintained which is evident of the availability of specialist physicians, who attend upon the patients on first Saturday of every month. Simultaneously, special guest specialist physicians are also invited time to time to cater the need of the patients. There is also an advisory panel of physicians who advice and help the patients according to their need. Likewise, year-wise record of the patients benefitted at Kalyan Rog Nidan Awam Anusandhan Kendra is also being maintained which shows that the institute has left no stone unturned in this endeavour. In order to involve and include the local community in Kalyan Rog Nidan Awam Anusandhan Kendra, the institute provisions that any person can dedicate medical help to the general folk in memory of the deceased members of his family by paying subscription fee of Rs. 1001/-. Upto now, 54 persons have donated and contributed to the smooth conduct of Kalyan Rog Nidan Awam Anusandhan Kendra.

 Problems Encountered and Resources Required: -

The institute does not have any fund to run this Kendra. So, the institute faces a lot of hardships in running this Kendra. So the institute sought for the potential donors who are ready to serve the mankind. Late B.R. Jain and Shri D.M. Porwal have been the donors-in-chief who helped the Kendra financially to run and to continue on the path of service. Simultaneously, the institute encourages students to donate unused medicines under the expiry date, so that it can be used by the patients visiting the Kendra.

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