Objectives of the Practice:

(1)        To maintain the harmony at any residential area by settling down their problems and disputes at village only.

(2)        To lessen the burden on the judiciary.

(3)        To highlight the value and importance of communication in the field of social harmony and peace.

(4)        To pave the path of development of the village by solving disputes.

(5)        To acquaint the students with judicial proceedings, hearing sessions and to make them learn how to take decisions in the interest of justice.

(6)        To make the students familiar with Indian constitution and legislative system.       

The Context: -

Communication plays a key role in the development of an individual, society and nation. Any dispute, disagreement and even war can be stopped with the help of communication.  When communication is made, then only there is a possibility to discover the interest of both the sides. Communication also provides scope for quick solution and satisfaction of both the parties. Sometimes, it becomes very difficult to make the litigants sides talk. Then there arises the need of mediation and arbitration. Since mediation has gained popularity as a less antagonistic method of settling down disputes than litigations, the institution took a note of importance of communication, mediation and arbitration. And keeping this view in mind Kalyan College, Sector-7, Bhilai established a Sulah Kendra (Reconciliation Center) at village Ghughsidih, Durg (C.G.).  

The Practice: -

Kalyan College, Sector-7, Bhilai established a Sulah Kendra (Reconciliation Center) at village Ghughsidih, Durg (C.G.) to help the people of nearby villages to resolve their disputes and problems in the village only.

Ghughsih had become a village where the most of the residents had disputes with other and the entire atmosphere and harmony of the village was in shambles. Most of the residents were involved in litigation and had become burdens on the already burdened judiciary system of our country. Such a wrong view of the people in the village was also playing a negative role as it stood strongly on the way of the development of the village in general and the individuals residing their in particular. These disputes were also restricting the people of the village from improving economically. Kalyan College, Bhilai through its NSS Wing approached the people of the village and motivated the people to solve their problems with the help of communication. In this regard, in the presence of the esteemed judges of Hon’ble District and Sessions Court, Durg (C.G.) 28 cases have been disposed off at Ghughsidih Village. The village has been declared as ‘Vivad Rahit Gram’ (Dispute Free Village). In the subsequent year, another special camp was organized on 10/12/2011, nearby 11 villages namely Ghughsidih, Khopli, Machandur, Katro, Dhourabhatha, Risama, Borigarka, Matwari, Chirpoti, Tamora and Sirri participated and the respective heads (Sarpanch) of these villages avowed that instead approaching and engaging the court of law and police, the disputes would be settled down and disposed of in the village only and in all the 11 villages, the people who have high social respect and undisputable social and family background are given the responsibility to conduct the Sulah Kendra. On every Sunday the Sulah Kendra takes a meeting at 11:00 A.M. in village Ghughsidih and in the meeting the reported cases and disputes are solved by the Kendra.

To bring about legal awareness into the people of the village, a camp was organized from 08/12/2015 to 14/12/2015 at Village Ghughsidih and from 08/12/2016 to 14/12/2016 at Village Pandar.

            Till date, 243 cases have been registered and 170 cases are disposed off and the rest are pending.

            India is a country of villages, when villages would grow, the nation will also develop. By establishing this Kendra, the institute is trying to increase harmony, unity, equality and peace among the citizens.

Evidence of Success:-           

The Sulah Kendra established by the institute made a remarkable effort in the field of mediation and arbitration and it has been doing well in the favour of the people and in the interest of justice since its establishment. The Kendra targeted at making the above named villages ‘Vivad Rahit (Dispute free)’ and now the village Ghughsidih has been declared as ‘Vivad Rahit Gram’ (Dispute Free Village) which itself tells the tale of success of the Kendra. On 9th December, 2016 the Hon’ble Secretary of Jila Seva Pradhikaran Mr. Digvijay Singh attended the camp organized by the institute at village Pandar, Block-Patan, Distt. Durg. It was a camp to raise legal awareness in the villagers where he intimated about ‘Legal Aid’ and appreciated the efforts made by the NSS wing of the institute. He also defined the step taken by the institute as a ‘Mile Stone’ for the entire nation. The Kendra maintains a record of all the cases registered there which is also the evidence of its success. The record is an exhibit of the cases registered in the Kendra and their disposal. Newspaper cuttings are also part of the record.    

Problems Encountered and Resources Required: -

It was a gigantic challenge to bring the people of the above named villages on one platform so that they could see the scope of getting their disputes resolved and justice found. There are varied reasons of the non-participation of the villagers in the Kendra. The first and biggest problem is illiteracy which restrains the villagers to come and put their problems before the Kendra. Unawareness is another major problem which holds its head high. The institute has been trying its best to make the people aware of the necessity and the subsequent benefits of this Kendra. Though a lot has already been done, a lot more is yet to be done.

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