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The Department of Chemistry was established in the year 1974 for graduate and in the year 1986 for Post Graduate level. This department has also been recognised as a Research Center. Since then, the department has been growing continuously in terms of educational programs and teaching learning process.

The Department has well furbished UG lab and PG Labs along with two separate instrumentation rooms and a seminar hall.

The Department has its own library for PG students which is rich in a collection of books and research journals. The department also has well equipped two laboratories for UG and PG students. We provide students with the most advanced knowledge of chemistry.We look for an important connection with discipline also, so that it will be helpful in growing the interest among the students to learn chemistry.View More


Student’s seminar are taken as a part of education to fullfill the basic requirement of internal assessment of PG students and also for promoting teaching ability as well as developimg self confidence. 


Teachers of the department are always available for personal guidance to the students especially during their seminar prepration. Both the gender avail the facilities provided in the department equally. 

Extra Curricular Activities

Students are encouraged to participate in all co- curricular and curricular activities. The department of Chemical Society has organised various competitive activities like poster making competition.


Most of the faculty members of the department are actively involved in various committees. Students also work together and interact with each other through Chemical Society’s activities. 


S.No.Event NameEvent OrganiserDate
1. Welcoming new Students Faculty Members 13th Sep View More
2. Chemical Society Inauguration Chemistry Department 13th Sep View More
3. Guest Lecture Chemistry Department 13th Sep View More
4. Basant Panchami Celebration Chemistry Department 5th Feb View More
5. Industrial Visit Chemistry Department & Chemical Association 6th March View More
6. Placement Fair Chemistry Department 10th March View More
S.No Course Class Subject Establish Year
1. Under Graduate B.Sc. Chemistry 19861974
2. Post Graduate M.Sc. Chemistry 1981
3. Research Degree Course Ph.D. - 2004
S.No Name Qualification Designation E- mail Specialization
1. Dr. Naresh Chandra Deshmukh M.Sc. (Chemistry),PGDCA, MBA, Ph.D., M.A. Education (Pursuing) HOD [email protected] Analytical chemistry
2. Miss Sarita Dewangan M.Sc. (Chemistry),B.Ed. Ass.Professor [email protected] Organic Chemistry
3. Mrs.Ruchi Shukla M.Sc. (Chemistry),B.Ed. Ass. Professor [email protected] Organic Chemistry
4. Mrs. Nishal Daniel Gir M.Sc.(Chemistry),B.Ed.,Ph.D. (Pursuing) Ass. Professor [email protected] Physical Chemistry
5. Miss Nikita Deshmukh M.Sc.(Chemistry),PGDCA, B.Ed (Pursuing) Ass. Professor [email protected] -
6. Miss. Yamini Dewangan M.Sc. (Chemistry),B.Ed (Pursuing) Ass. Professor [email protected] -
7. Miss. Deepali Vishwakarma M.Sc.(Chemistry),B.Ed. (Pursuing) Ass. Professor [email protected] com Organic Chemistry
S. No. Name Designation Tenure
1. Dr. H.N. Dubey Former Head of the Department 1974-2010
2. Dr. Y. R. Katre Former Head of Department 2010- 2018
3. Dr. D. N. Sharma Former Head of Department 2018- 2019


  • Contains more than 2000 books
  • Contains than 30 Research Journals


Centrifuge Machine Electronic Dryer
Computer Machine Electronic Bunsen
Conductivity Bridge Electronic Water Bath
Desiccator Electronic Weighting Machine
Digital Conductivity Meter FTIR
Digital Electrophoresis Hot Air Oven
Digital Flame Photometer Hot Plate
Digital PH Meter Laboratory Oven
Digital Photoelectric Colorimeter Laptop
Digital Potentiometer Over Head Projector
Digital Spectrophotometer Precision Melting Point
Digital TDS Meter Refrigerator
Digital UV-Visible Spectrophotometer Spectrophotometers
Dissolved Oxygen Analysis Stirrer Machine
Distillation Apparatus Double Vacuum Cleaner
S. No. Name of Scholar Supervisor Year Of Award University
1. Smt. Sangeeta Patil Dr. Y. R. Katre 2009 PTRSU
2. Mr. Ghanat Kumar Joshi Dr. Y. R. Katre 2009 PTRSU
3. Miss Minu Singh Dr. Y. R. Katre 2010  
4. Smt. Kamalni Tripathi Dr. Y. R. Katre 2010 -
5. Smt. Radhika Sharma Dr. Y. R. Katre 2013 -
6. Smt. Namita Goyal Dr. Y. R. Katre 2013 -
7. Smt. Rajani Mudliyar Dr. Y. R. Katre 2015 -
8. Smt. Pratibha Gumasta Dr. Y. R. Katre 2019 Mats University Raipur
9. Mrs. Jayshree Dr. Y. R. Katre Ongoing Durg University
10. Mrs. S. Vidya Dr. Y. R. Katre Ongoing Durg University
2006-2008 U.G.C. Study on Catalysed oxidation of Amino acids in Micellar System Dr. Y. R. Katre
2007- 2009 C.G. Cost Kinetic Investigation on oxidation of Carbohydrates by NBP Dr. Y. R. Katre
2009-2011 U.G.C. Surfactant Study on Dicarboxylic acids metal catalysed oxidation Dr. Y. R. Katre
2008-2011 C.G. Cost Morphological classification of narcotic Dr. Y. R. Katre
2011 U.G.C. Contact glow discharge electrolysis and its chemical effect in aqueous and non aqueous media Dr. Y. R. Katre
2012-2015 DST The study of cations and anions surfactant on the oxidation of some essential amino acids by N- Halo compounds in acidic medium. Dr. Y. R. Katre
2014-2016 U.G.C. Oxidation of sugar by N- Halo compounds in micellar system Dr. Y. R. Katre
S. No. Name of Faculty Research Paper Workshops Attended
1. Dr. Y. R. Katre 12 -
2. Dr. D. N. Sharma 13 -
3. Dr. Naresh Chandra Deshmukh 23 -
4. Mrs. Nishal Daniel Gir 02 10
S. No. Name Qualified Exam
1. Abhinav Lal NET & SET
2. Prashant Sahu NET & SET
3. Saurabh Gupta NET
4. Sonam Verma GATE & NET
5. Punendra Verma NET
6. Hemant Kumar Sinha NET
7. Deepesh Kumar NET
S. No. Name Year Awards/Recognitions
1. Dr. Minu Singh 2010-2011 Young Scientist Award
2. Ms. Namita Goyal 2011-2013 Women Scientist Scheme
3. Dr. D. N. Sharma 2014 Vigyan Ratna Award
4. Dr. Y.R. Katre 2015- 2016 Shiksha Ratna Award
5. Dr. D. N. Sharma 2016 Acche Log Samman
6. Dr. Naresh Chandra Deshmukh - -
S. No. National Seminar/Workshop/ Webinar Year Sponsored by
1. National level Workshop on Nanoparticles 2016 UGC (CPE)
2. National Level Workshop on Career Counseling Clinic 2016 Kalyan PG College
3. National Level Workshop on Disaster Management 2016 Kalyan PG College
4. National Science Day 2019 Kalyan PG College
5. Technical Session 2019 Kalyan PG College
6. Youth Talk 2019 Kalyan PG College
S. No. Guest Institution Topic Year
1. Dr. K. N. Bapat Principal Govt. Nagarjun Science College Raipur Discussion on the topic Analytical Dynamics & chemical equilibrium 2015
2. Prof. P. S. Kalsi Emeritus Professor Ludhiyana University Introduction to some aspects on Supramolecular Chemistry 2016
3. Dr. K. N. Bapat Principal Govt. Nagarjun Science College Raipur Introduction about Nano – Science 2016
4. Dr. Tarashankar IIT Khadakpur Nano – particle synthesis 2016
5. Dr. Anjali Pal IIT Khadakpur Separation & Purification Technology 2016
6. Dr. Satyajeet Gupta Professor, Department of Chemistry, IIT Bhilai Emerging World of Nano – Science and Nano Technology 2019
7. Dr. Y.R. Katre KPS Coordination Chemistry 2021



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