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The Department of Economics was established in 1963 with an objective of conducting teaching, learning and research on the issues related to the socio-economic development & scenario. Our teaching and research programs have been conceptualized with an aim to develop systematic and comparative approaches to the analysis of economic problems and issues. The objective of the syllabus in Under-Graduate Program is to highlight the basic economic concepts and global perspectives of the structure of Indian economy. The Syllabus in under-graduate includes Micro Economics, Indian Economics, Macro Economics, Money Banking & Finance, Development & Environmental Economics and Statistics. Apart from teaching courses in basic economic theory and applied economics in Post-Graduate programme, the Centre emphasized on training students in social science methodology and the techniques of research, both qualitative and quantitative.
The applied courses taught at the MA level are designed to be Indian and global economics looking toward other economic societies and generalizing principles. The courses taught are Micro and Macro Economics, Indian Economics, Quantitative Methods and Statistics, Industrial Economics, Labour Economics, Economics of Development & Growth, International Economics, Public Economics, Environmental Economics, and Demography and so on.


The research work and publications undertaken by the department reflect its continued engagement with emerging economic societal issues at regional and national. The department has made efforts in evolving innovative courses and research programs to address some of these issues, but these efforts need to be strengthened further by augmenting academic resources of the department. Study and research in other areas listed below need further consolidation:

  • Economics of Development
  • Environmental Economics
  • Applied Economics
  • Quantitative Methods in Economic Research
  • Rural Economics
  • Central-State Finance & Budget
  • Banking Finance & Loan
  • Cooperative Finance
  • Agriculture Economics
  • Micro Financing
  • Industrial Economics
  • Panchyatiraj Vyavstha
  • Political Economics
  • Comparative Economics
  • Privatization, Liberalization, Marketization & Globalization
  • Modern Indian Economic Thought and
  • Population Study


The system of evaluation lays equal emphasis on the sessional assignments and end-semester examinations. The Sessional assignments include seminars, tutorials, term papers, viva-voce and mid-semester tests. In the compulsory course, Techniques of Research offered at the MA level, the students are trained in fieldwork techniques. As part of the course requirements, students are also assigned a Research Project where they are expected to apply theories, concepts, tools and techniques learnt in the classroom to field situations.


Teaching and research programs of the department are organized around studies in theories and methods, on the one hand, and analysis of structures and processes of economic systems on the other. The ordinance of our University provides considerable scope for innovation and flexibility with regard to teaching and mode of evaluation. Interdisciplinary approach and orientation is reflected in structure as well as contents of the courses offered at both MA levels Courses at the MA level seek to combine theoretical and methodological concerns with the study of substantive issues related to the Indian economy.

S.NoNamePublicationsSeminar/ Conference/ WorkshopsInvited lectures/ TalksAwardsProjectsOther Works
1. Dr. Lakhan Choudhary 25 (Research Papers)
206 (Research Articles)
(National Seminar)
04 ( International e-Seminars)
- - - View More
2. Dr. Vinay Sharma - - - - - View More

Dr. Santosh Jain :

S.NoName of the StudentTitleAwarded/Registration No. and dateRemarks
1. Deepika Sarthi - - APPROVED BY DRC
2. Jyoti Nishad - -

Dr. Vinay Sharma :

S.NoName of the StudentTitleAwarded/Registration No. and dateRemarks
1. Kiran Jharia - - APPROVED BY DRC
2. Siddheshwari Sinha - -

Dr. Lakhan Choudhary :

S.NoName of the StudentTitleAwarded/Registration No. and dateRemarks
1. Tekeshwari दलहन उत्पादन का कृषकों की आय एवं रोजगार पर प्रभाव 2018 REGISTERED
2. Yumenika - APPROVED BY DRC


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