Department Of History


The History Department aims to make the student aware of the past and its legacies through teaching, research and extension activities in Indian History in the context of world History. We believed that only a critical understanding of the past will enable the students to understand the present and help them look towards the future.


Transform the student into citizens who are critically informed about the past and its consequence for the present.

Promote studies in history, society and culture of Chhattisgarh in general.

Empower students to cope with the challenges of globalization by insisting in them a life-long passion for learning about the past. The knowledge about the interconnections between the global, national, regional and local history will equip the students of face the challenges with confidence.

Programme Specific Outcome (History)

  • Critical analysis - Student will produce their own historical analysis of documents and develop the ability to think critically and historically when discussing the past.
  • Students will demonstrate in written work and class discussions the ability to recognize and articulate to diversity of human experience, including ethnicity, race, language as well as political, economic, social and cultural structures are time and space.
  • Application-students will employ a full range of techniques and methods used to gain historical knowledge, to make comparisons across time, space and culture.
  • Evolution- Student will understand and evaluate historical ideas, arguments and point of view.
  • Knowledge- An understanding of the major trends of historical knowledge.
  • Construct and communicate historical arguments in both oral and written form.


  • Students can describe economical, social and cultural history of modern India.(1757-1964)
  • Students can discuss cultural history of India.
  • Students can review the events of contemporary world (1919-1990)
  • Students will be able to demonstrate conceptual understanding of political and administrative history of modern India.
  • Students are apprised of the ideological aspects of history.
  • Students get writing knowledge of historical aspect of tourism.
  • Students will be able to compare historical events of past, middle and modern Chhattisgarh.
  • Students will be able to demonstrate factual understanding of Indian revolution history.
  • Students will have understanding about how philosophical, political, scientific and religious ideas have influenced the past.


1. Undergraduate Courses B.A. History
2. Post Graduate Course M.A. History
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