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B.lib full form is Bachelor of Library and Information Sciences. This course started in Year 2011 at Kalyan P.G College, Bhilai but because of some reason it has to stop for 1 year than restarted in the Year 2013 by Manjula Shukla ( HOD) mam and is continued till date.

Why Choose B.lib

Books are the imperial source of knowledge, and working in a library filled with books is one of the most enriching career experiences. The job opportunities provide various options for bookworms to work in libraries, whether in the private or public sector or colleges and universities. The B.lib course also provides training to store books and newsletters data under library networks, and interesting job scope. The present BLIS course is upgraded with technological development. To answer the question “Why Choose B.lib”, we make it simpler by breaking it down to the following three questions:

What is B.lib All About?

B.lib course duration is of two years. The B.LIB course focuses on imparting various librarian principles to the graduates, including metadata management, archiving, information architecture, preservation administration, etc. The BLIB course focuses on creating a comprehensive set of library management and information technology skills that help the graduates offer solutions to problems in Bachelor of Library and Information Science. The librarian course syllabus aims to sculpt the graduates into experts in collecting, associating, and distributing informational sources. There are many options for students after a BLIB degree with various job types available such as Archivist, Cataloguer, Information Architect, Indexer, Junior Information Analyst, Records Manager, Researcher, Abstractor, etc. View More

What Does a BLIB Graduate Do?

BLIB can be a fulfilling career for students who wish to explore the world of books and information management. Bachelor of Library and Information science as a degree is gathering up steam quickly with the advancement of technology, opening new avenues for the pedagogy to develop. The completion of the BLIB course opens up various perspectives and opportunities for a budding career. View More

Deputy Librarian: The Deputy Librarian provides overall leadership to various functions such as managerial programs, performance management, staff management, policy development as well as planning for major projects such as developing new facilities. They are responsible for managing and overseeing the management of all resources in the library. With their immense knowledge of books, they provide references in bibliography areas by helping the universities carve out a better curriculum. View More

Reasons Why BLIB Can Fetch You A Rewarding Career?

Today, the BLIB course has become a lucrative option because of technological advancement in technology that allows storage of data at an unlimited rate and because of the multifaceted option the course provides in various fields. Students who do want to get jobs after B.Lib.I.Sc can opt for further studies by applying for M.Phil, PhD or MBA. After a Bachelor of Library and Information Science, the job opportunities are varied with opportunities in fields such as research institutes, academic institutes, archives centres, libraries, etc.

Diversity: One of the biggest advantages of pursuing the BLIB course is the immense diversity of options that opens up after completing the course. Graduates can explore various job avenues with academic institutes, research centres, and archiving facilities providing feasible jobs. There are also options of one delving into information science and becoming an Indexer or an Information Architect. View More

Syllabus And Subjects For BLIB

The BLIB course syllabus includes subjects that encompass two semesters. While the general curriculum for the BLIB syllabus tends to remain the same all over India, certain colleges may have specific subjects in the ‘library science syllabus’. The Bachelor of Library and Information Science course covers a lot regarding the history of libraries, their importance and values. The current BLIB syllabus includes the way to store library data or even other things such as newsletters, books and e-books. Below is the subject list of the ‘librarian course syllabus’ taught in some of the best colleges in India: View More

  • Foundations of Library and Library Management.
  • Information Sources and Services
  • Library Classification Practicals
  • Library Classification Theory
  • Basics of Information Technology
  • Documentation and Information Retrieval
  • Library Cataloguing Theory
  • Knowledge Organizing and Processing



Under Graduate


Professional Courses

  • Library organisation and management
  • Library cataloguing and bibliography
  • Reference sources and services
  • Documentation and information service
  • Computer application in libraries
  • Library classification ( Theory)
  • Library classification (Practice)
  • Library cataloguing (Practice)
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S.No Image Faculty Name Post Qualification Other Details

Smt. Alka Verma

Asst. Professor And
Head of the Department

M.A in Hindi ,
B.Lib , M.Lib ,
B.ed , SiTD
Exp. 13 years
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Mr.Amit Sahu

Asst. Professor

M.A in political science,
B.Lib , M.Lib ,
Exp. 4 years

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Let us take a look at some of the important facilities performed by librarians –


                              CYBARARY ( E-LIBRARY )


  • E- Resources
  • N-List
  • E-Books
  • Kopy-kitab
  • Soudh Ganga
  • Shodh Sindhu
  • Soudh Gangotri
  • E-pg Pathshala
  • OPAC Search Facilities

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