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About Political Science Department   

The department of Political Science was established in 1963 with under graduate course. To keep the lamp of education burning, post graduate course in Political Science was started in 1981-82.

Our mission is to provide a unique learning experience which enables the students to realize their potential and mould their overall personality. The vision of the department is to build a vibrant learning community with emphasis on a sound value system that would promote social responsibility & patriotism.

Presently the department has number of faculty member for class room teaching. The department has a dedicated team of faculty member who maintain academic excellence & ignite the mind of students to achieve a high standard of excellence.

The department has its own library as well as digital notes with reading room facility for PG students which is quite rich in collection of book [More than 1000] & research journals [More than 40]. The department also has Book bank [More than 50 books] for UG as well as PG students. The department has well equipped smart room UG & PG level students.


(a) Students Seminar  – Student seminar are taken as an part of education to fulfill the basic requirement of internal assessment of PG students and also for promoting teaching ability as well as developing self confidence.

(b) Projects  – Each semester all the students are divided into 5-6 small groups. Each group work on mini UG / PG level projects under the guidance of concerning teachers.

(c) Educational excursion  – The department organized excursion trips and field visits to well acquaint the students to plants in their natural environment as well as practical knowledge of subject

(d) Guidance  –Teachers of the department are always available for personal guidance to the students especially during their seminar preparation. Both the gender avail the facilities provided in the department equally.

(e) Involvement  –Most of the faculty members of department are actively involved in various committees.

(f) Extra Curricular activities  –Students are encouraged to participate in all co-curricular and curricular activities. Political Society of department organized various Competitive Activities like - Quiz, Rangoli, Drawing, Slogan etc. and winner of the each events.

  • Indian Political Theory
  • Indian Govt. & Politics.
  • Western Political Thought
  • Comparative Govt. & Politics
  • International Politics
  • Public Administration
  • Pol. Sci.
  • Sociology
  • Economics
  • Home Science
  • Sociology
  • Eng. Literature
  • Hindi Literature
  • Communicative Eng
  • Insurance
  • Political Science
  • Eng. Literature
2 POST GRADUATE M. A. Political Science
  • Western Political thought
  • Indian Govt. and Politics
  • Chhattisgarh Government and Politics
  • Comparative Politics
  • Research Methodology
  • Indian Political Thinker
  • International organization
  • International Politics
  • Foreign Policy
S. No.Name of FacultyPostQualificationOther Works
1 Dr. Vibha Singh Asst. Professor M.Fill, P.hD View More
2 Dr. Rajendra Kumar Thakur Asst. Professor M.A. (Political Science), P.hD. View More
3 Dr. Mani Mekhala Shukla Asst. Professor M.A. History, M.Fill Alucation View More

Evaluative Report of The

Name of the Autonomous College : Kalyan Post Graduate College Bhilai Nagar Name of the

Department: Political Science

District : Durg State: Chhattisgarh

1. Year of establishment 1963

2. Name of Programmes offered-Bachelor of Arts and Master of Political Science

3. Number of Teaching Posts Sanctioned/Filled

  Sanctioned Filled Vacant Granted
Professors ---- ---- ---- ----
Associate Prof. ---- ---- ---- ----
Associate Prof. 03 03 03 03

4. Number of Students Enrolled

  M.A.Prev. M.A.Final Total B.A.I B.A.II B.A.III Total Strenth
  F M F M F M F M F M F M F M
2015-16 7 3 2 5 9 8 31 40 25 19 20 26 76 85
2016-17 7 4 0 2 7 6 52 53 15 18 19 18 86 89

5. Number of Research Project : Dr. Manimekhla Shukla

Coordinator Name Sanctioned Letter No. Project Agency Title Grant Received
Dr. M.M. Shukla F.N.MH-15-16 - 1/202065/CRO1810 Minor Research Project Allotid UGC Chhattisgarh mein Adivasi mahila Vidhayko ki bhumika ek Adhyan No

6. Inter-institutional collaborative projects and associated grants received:

a) National collaboration : N/A

b) International collaboration : N/A

7. Department project funded by DST-(Dr. Vibha Singh) Jila Panchyat Rajnandgaon FIST,DBT ,UGC( Dr. Manimekhla Shukla) etc.

8. Special Smart Class Room sponsored by created industry or corporate bodies.

9. Publication:

Dr.Vibha Singh Dr.Manimekhla Shukla Dr.Rajendra Thakur
19 Research Papers 15 Research Papers 05 Research Papers
02 Books 02 Books Nil

a) Number of Books with ISBN-81-89244-0307.

b) Number of citation index-rang/average : N/A

c) Number of Impact factor- range/average : N/a

d) Number of h-index : N/A

10. Details of patents and income generated: N/A

11. Areas of consultancy and income generated : N/A

12. Awards/recognitions received at the National and International level by:

a) Dr. Manimekhala Shukla - Global National Award for Social Service

b) Achieved international Award SAURYA PRAVAH (VISHES)

c) Achived international Award SAURYA PRAVAH (CHINMAYEE)

13. How many students have cleared Divil services and Defense Services examination NET, SET (SLET), GATE and other competitive examinations one

(a) Anu Verma cleared her Patwari Exam,

(b) Deepak Verma cleared SET (SLET) Exam: State Public Service Commission for the Post of Assistant Professor in Political Science Yes Yogendra Thakur

14. List of Doctoral, Post-Doctoral Students and Research Associates:

a) From the host institution/university:

b) From other institution /university:

S.No. Name of the Student Name of the Guide Name of the University Year of Registration
1. Alok Dr.Vibha Singh Pt.R.S.U.Raipur 2015-16
2. Krishna Kumar Gupta Dr.Vibha Singh Pt.R.S.U.Raipur 2015-16
3. Namrata Parichha Dr. Manimekhala Shukla Hemchand Yadav University Durg (C.G.) 2018 - 19
4. Ramanand Dewangan Dr. Manimekhala Shukla Hemchand Yadav University Durg (C.G.) 2019 - 20
5. Binika Durgam Dr. Manimekhala Shukla Hemchand Yadav University Durg (C.G.) 2020 - 21

15. Number of research scholars /Post-graduate students getting financial assistance from the University/State/Central :N/A

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